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Action & Keyboard
Every part of the complex action of a piano can be repaired or renewed - parts such as hammers, dampers, springs, together with all of the associated felt, cloth and leather parts that go to make up the complete action of the piano.

The hammers are largely responsible for the quality of tone in any piano and therefore good quality hammers are essential to the success of any restoration. Dampers, also, are of prime importance. A sustained note should end just as cleanly as it starts.

Keys need to be silent in operation, without any undue sideways movements, thus the bushings need to be in good condition, as should the pins of the key frame. A well used piano of just a few years can exhibit wear at these points, and older pianos generally require the keys to be re-bushed. After removal of the old cloth bushing (sometimes leather) and fitting of new cloth, the keys are individually adjusted to their pins so as to give the correct amount of side movement. If pins are badly corroded, these are likewise replaced - essential for smooth and quiet operation.

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