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Regulating & Voicing

Once all of the repairs and renewals have taken place, the action is once again assembled and placed back into the piano. This is followed by the essential regulating process, whereby the various critical adjustments are carried out in order to regularise the touch and playing characteristics of the piano. Ordinarily, the piano will receive three separate regulations, each one finer than the last. This time-consuming work is essential for obtaining the best performance from the piano, once the restoration is done. Some of the points of regulation are: hammer blow, set-off (escapement), checking, damper lift, key height and touch depth.
The highly skilled and precise work of regulating is followed by the even more exacting voicing of the hammers - this is where craft meets art, for it is the taste and musical judgement of the technician that determines the whole musical result and its success. This final process is preceded by a thorough tuning at the correct pitch - fine tuning being essential in consideration of the sound quality of each note.

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